Winter Candle In Stock Now

Full of culture as well as color, Winter Candle by Jeron Ashford and illustrated by Stacey Schuett, is a rich and profound little tale about an apartment complex at Juniper Court. The diverse mix of cultures is illustrated by the different winter celebrations in the many households. From Thanksgiving to Havdalah, St. Lucia Day and Kwanzaa, there is one thing in common; a worn out candle that is passed from one apartment to another. Shared between each of the very different cultures is the glowing light of the ugly little candle which doesn’t seem like much, but puts out a brilliant light. The candle’s final task is to light the way for the father of a family, who is searching for his new home while driving a moving truck down the street. Guiding him to his new home like a beacon in the night, the candle serves to not only bring the father to his family and new home, but it brings the entire apartment complex together to welcome the new family.
Winter Candle is a profound story of how the bright light of a single candle can bring people from different cultures together. Jeron Ashford has written a very simple little tale full of plenty of meaning, but it would not be complete without the brilliant talent of Stacey Schuett who brings full color and detail together in a way that is truly astounding. The warmth of the story is very well demonstrated throughout the illustrations and the reader can’t help but smile as each of the families shares what they have with the others. A humble yet profound message, brilliantly illustrated and full of warmth, Winter Candle will melt even the most frozen of hearts.